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This is a limited offer on something exceptional. 

Considering the setting, Mount Kerinci is one of the many volcanoes comprising the Pacific Ring of Fire, a 40,000-kilometer horseshoe of 452 volcanoes caught in a timeless dance of fire and ash from deep inside the womb of Mother Earth. That fire and that ash are born as fertile soil, verdant forests, and mountains that lift to the sky. Mount Kerinci has graced the surrounding valleys with a deep supply of fertile volcanic soil that is perfect for Arabica coffee. 

Six hundred family farmers committed to growing high quality and sustainable coffees work together to protect a single valley amidst sprawling rainforests, volcanoes, mountains, wetlands, and rivers. The fruit of their labors is this single precious lot of exceptional coffee.  It stands out because most coffee originating from Sumatra is wet-hulled processed. This lot has been honey processed. Only perfectly ripe cherries are selected. Most of the pulpy fruit is removed from around the precious little heart that is the bean then it is slowly and evenly dried. In this process, the fruit ferments and imparts depth and character to the bean flavor.  

Kerinci is often overlooked in favor of traditional coffee regions of Sumatra, however, the high altitude and fertile volcanic soil of this region produce heavenly coffee. Kerinci is bound to be a secret with a short shelf life. With blessings come challenges. Roads are no more than narrow dirt trails accessible only by motorbike, making transportation one of those challenges. Production volumes are still low and fail to meet the rapidly growing market demand for coffee from this region. This is a rare treat -- savor it!

The conditions of this region are as beneficial to tea growers as for coffee growers. Many smallholder coffee farmers also work as hired laborers at the nearby tea plantations. The bigger tea plantations are often near coffee farms. When the harvest is finished, coffee farmers will go there and pick tea leaves under contracted labor.  This way of life carries on near the Kerinci Seblat National Park, a beautiful place to work and live!

Origin: Indonesia
Region: Mount Kerinci Highlands, Sumatra
Farm: Various smallholder producers
Elevation: 1200-1500 m
Varietals: Andung Sari, Sigararutang, P88, Tim-Tim, Bor-Bor
Process: Honey
Cup: Clean, Milk chocolate, cherry, apricot
Roast: Light 
Body: Syrupy
Acidity: Juicy

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