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Island coffees have an earthy wildness found in no other coffees.  Sumatra is part of the Indonesian archipelago, comprising about 17,500 islands and numerous micro-climates. It is a coffee growers paradise, with fertile volcanic soil and very constant temperatures. Sumatran plantations are graced by good soil and abundant rainfall. Sumatran coffees are always distinctive.  This one is awesome.  We are soooo happy to share this with you! Better, still, this coffee is Organic and Fair Trade.  This Fair Trade rating means it is 100% traceable. It is sourced from members under the Fair Trade Certified requirements.

Harvested September through May, this coffee is shade-grown, frequently under tamarind trees. Producers in Gayo are known for their unique pruning method that splays trees into broad, stout umbrella shapes that are very productive.

Sumatra has healthy biodiversity: mammals, birds, primates (including Sumatra Orangutans), flagged species of the Sumatran tiger, and thousands of flora species.  

Fair Trade Certified works closely with coffee farmers to audit, track, and certify transactions between companies and their suppliers. It ensures that people producing Fair Trade Certified products work in safe conditions. It also enforces practices that protect the environment, builds sustainable livelihoods, and earn additional money to empower and uplift those economies and communities.


Farmer: Smallholder producers
Origin: Sumatra
Region: Gayo
Elevation: 3,900-5,200 ft.
Varietals: Timor & Catimor
Process: Wet Hulled
Cup: Earthy, dark chocolate, warm spices 
Roast: Medium
Body: Syrupy 
Acidity: Low-acid, rounded

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