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ECUADOR FINCA CAROLINA - Limited Release Micro Lot

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Sweetness, savory aroma, and the alchemy of passion entwine provocatively in this intoxicating cup of coffee. 

This exclusive, limited release micro-lot single-origin coffee is steeped in mystery. The Sidra variety is thought to be developed on a private plantation in Ecuador from Bourbon & Typica varieties, but World Coffee Research traced its heritage with genetics to an heirloom Ethiopian landrace, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Geisha. Maybe this mistaken parentage explains the untamed character of this coffee?. This coffee grows among ancient tombs and other specialty coffee farms lost in dense lush vegetation thriving in the perfect growing climate. The six-hectare Carolina Farm owned by Fausto Romo is located two hours from the city of Quito.  Only 3 hectares are planted in coffee, making these beans even more precious. These rare hybrid coffees are picked red ripe, de-pulped the same day, and fermented dry for 16 hours. After the raw coffee is washed several times in a row to remove all the mucilage, it is rooftop dried for 15–18 days. 

Ecuador hosts the Taza Dorada or “Golden Cup” competition annually. This same lot recently won second place in a local competition in the province of Pichincha Ecuador.

Tia’s cupping notes: 
Cup: sweet, clean cup. Papaya, caviar, lime, butterscotch. Buttery caramel finish. I scored this coffee 92/100 following SCA cupping protocol. At first, I second guessed myself thinking overestimated values! I repeated the process later in the day with exactly the same results.

Don’t miss this one!

Farmer: Fausto Romo
Origin: Ecuador
Region: Quito, Pichincha
Farm: Finca Carolina
Elevation: 1300m 
Varietal: Rare Variety Sidra 
Process: Washed
Cup: sweet, clean cup, papaya, caviar, lime, butterscotch. buttery caramel finish
Roast: Medium
Body: Creamy
Acidity: Bright
Harvest: April- August

Carrot Cake
Soft Scrambled Eggs
Banana Muffin


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