American Woman Coffee began when I saw the need to emphasize all the talented women who are experts in our field and provide consistent quality in every facet of the coffee supply chain.

Women are an indispensable asset and play a vital role in the continued success of the specialty coffee industry. Despite the increased attention to narrowing gender gaps in recent years, women in coffee still have limited access to essential resources, such as land, accreditation, training, financing, and respect. I wanted to continue these conversations to foster a healthy, productive environment and keep our industry progressing toward gender equality with a retail coffee company - American Woman Coffee, to raise awareness of great women delivering phenomenal coffees.

I want to thank all of you who joined us and thank you for your support. It means a lot to me and everyone at American Woman Coffee. It was an honor using this platform as my voice to cheerlead awareness about women in coffee, coffee as an essential culinary element, and the breadth and meaning of "good coffee" for all women who take risks to transform coffee for the better and pave the way for future women farmers to revive both the industry and their communities. There is so much more that goes into your morning cup of coffee experience than you realize.

The American Woman Coffee store is the pebble dropped on calm water. The ripples are spreading as more pressure is applied to change the narrative of gender inequality within our industry.

For me, it is time to step up to the next level of challenge, which will mean closing the doors on sales from the American Woman Coffee website. Rest assured that there is much more goodness where this came from. Stay tuned!

I encourage you to shop your values by purchasing products from women-owned businesses such as The W Marketplace, The choices you make have an impact. There are great women everywhere!

Peace, love, and coffee,
Tia Hoffman
Founder, American Woman Coffee