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Women Producers

Meet the Women Coffee Producers
That Rock Our World!

American Woman Coffee partners with women-owned coffee producers to recognize the remarkable work and dedication of exceptional women growing and harvesting outstanding coffee around the world. We will update our catalog with the best offerings through our Women Coffee Producers initiative.

We recognize that this is no small feat. Women face inequality and extreme hardship working in the many facets of the coffee supply chain throughout the world. Our Women Producer coffees come from both women’s only cooperatives, female-managed farms, and women who are members of mixed-gender cooperatives.

It is with great pride that we share these products of the finest quality that also serve to advance the cause of women worldwide. 


Nora Nelly Pillimue

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Every year, the “Lo Mejor de Monserrate” microlot competition takes place in Monserrate, located in the Cordillera Central mountain range. It’s consistently on the list of finalists. We are thrilled to see her win the competition this year. The coffee from Nora’s farm blew away our judges. Conditions for Monserrate producers have vastly improved over the years. Thanks to the micro-lot competition, many farmers have forged relationships with roasters that have endured nearly a decade. Congratulations to Nora Nelly Pillimue, winner of the 10th annual Lo Mejor de Monserrate cupping competition. The quality from the Monserrate community was incredible this year (2019), and Nora's lot rose to the top. It's a testament to her hard work and dedication to quality and we can't be happier for her!

Maria Pacas

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Maria is the fifth generation of Pacas family coffee production, representing more than a century of continuous operation since her great-grandfather, José Rosa Pacas began their legacy.

"My siblings and I are the fifth generation to be working with coffee; however, the generation previous to my father was only focused on the producing part of the coffee, but not on the processing. The family produced coffee and sold the cherries to a local mill, not really knowing what happened to that coffee afterwards. Now, and for the last 30 or so years, we have full traceability of every coffee produced and are able to have direct relationships with our clients.Coffee at Cafe Pacas is both a family affair and an expression of love for one’s country."
--Maria Pacas

The Pacas Family under Maria's leadership remain dedicated to growing, processing and exporting some of the world’s finest coffee. Over their five generations of producing coffee the Pacas family have become synonymous with quality, innovation and social responsibility in specialty coffee. Their influence extends to having their own coffee – the Pacas varietal – which is integral to the history of El Salvador’s coffee production. Their state-of-the-art wet mill is located in the west of El Salvador on the Santa Ana.