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Whatever you call it, drip, filter or brewed coffee is the most popular preparation method throughout the world. Grind size is hugely important to the taste of your coffee. We recommend a MEDIUM grind. If grind is too coarse, coffee will taste thin or weak in the cup. Grind too finely, it will taste bitter and over extracted. Adding more coffee to the filter basket usually ends up overflowing on the kitchen counter ending in a huge mess to clean up. Tears will be shed. Been there, done that.

GRINDER: a burr or mill grinder is best because the coffee is ground to a consistent size. Blade or spice grinders are less preferable and produce inconsistent grind size.

BREWING RATIO: begin with one to two Tablespoons of fresh roasted ground coffee for every six ounces of filtered water. Well and distilled water is not recommended.

PAPER FILTER: PLEASE rinse your paper filters prior to brewing. Place your filter inside the basket and rinse under hot water. Paper filters often impart a papery or parchment taste into drip coffee.

THERMAL CARAFE: cold carafe = cold coffee. Always pre-heat your carafe before brewing. Your coffee will stay hotter, longer.

MACHINE CLEANLINESS: make sure you thoroughly clean your machine and carafe weekly to eliminate coffee oils and mineral build-up that alter taste.

Need coffee maker recommendations? Here is a list of certified home coffee brewers from our friends at the Specialty Coffee Association--CERTIFIED HOME BREWERS