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Advancing Women one cup at a time

Powerful Women. These are two words women hear far less than we should. Buying our coffees supports, empowers, and encourages women worldwide working hard to deliver superior quality. It has been said that women have to work twice as hard to get half the recognition and pay. We are here to give them the acknowledgment and pay they deserve. Putting that cup of coffee in your hand takes growers, scientists, engineers, roasters, wholesalers, and retailers. Every step along the way, there are women often not getting adequate acknowledgment for their exceptional work. These women are hard-working EXPERTS in their field. Let's have more of them! We celebrate coffee as a first-class culinary product by giving it a proper place at the table. What is coffee, if not an integral part of the culinary experience? It's not just the wake-up drink in a paper cup in your car. It deserves to be paired with food in the same way that fine wine is. You can look to us as the source for the coffee pairing conversation. We've bump-started that conversation with suggested food pairings on all our coffee products on our website! I personally invite you to join us as we invest in making a long-term and meaningful impact for women, especially those who rely on coffee for their sole livelihoods.

Coffee Queen

Dash of sass, founder, and coffee queen, Tia Hoffman is a veteran specialty coffee professional with nearly 20 years of experience in every aspect of the supply stream from farm level to HORECA (hotel/restaurant/cafe) industries. She has successfully owned and operated eateries, a wholesale coffee roastery, a natural soda company, and a certified allied product distributor. Tia further honed her craft working with Illy Coffee, the Specialty Coffee Association, Barista Guild, world-renowned properties, and celebrity licensed coffee brands working with and teaching all over the globe. She is recognized as an industry instructor, a Specialty Coffee Authorized Trainer in Sensory Skills, Barista Skills, Brewing, and Introduction to Coffee. Tia has contributed her time and skillset as the current 2nd Vice President of the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) US Chapter, challenging the gender gap in coffee. The International Women's Coffee Alliance work is critical to identifying the most effective course of action for female-led policies and programs to secure women's future in coffee. Her favorite coffees are from Brazil. Pretty impressive for someone who had an intense dislike for coffee for much of her life. When Tia is not slurping coffees or traveling to coffee origin countries, she can be found near the ocean or spending time with her beloved family. She is endlessly searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick. Champagne is her to-go drink, and tacos are life. Her love of scuba diving in the Caribbean's shimmering blue waters inspired one of the colors of our packaging. And yes...she is silently judging how smooth your milk texture is.