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Tia's Personal Message: I draw my strength from life itself— the beauty, energy, and the life-changing experiences that shaped me to be the woman I am today. When I’ve been faced with loss, I can more clearly appreciate life. As I reflect on the hardest moments of despair, I am reminded of the joyful moments of life. My life is not simply my own. I intend to live it compassionately and empowering others. It is for them I am strong.

Gift Suggestion: The name says it all.  This is the gift for the Boss-Woman.

Naples, Northern Italy. Birthplace for all things Neapolitan, including coffee.

Neapolitan coffee is a distinctive style steeped in tradition. It features a careful balance in the roast and special attention in the selection and quality of beans. The result is a fine rich blend of flavors that feature caramels, chocolates often with a citrus finish. Expect dark chocolate and caramel to wash over your palate followed by a lingering citrus finish.  If you are making espresso with this, you can expect exceptionally rich crema for a decadent mouth. As espresso or brewed coffee, Like A Boss is a bright and lively dance of flavor. Think of it as a Tarantella for the tongue. 

This outstanding blend is a tip of the fedora to this fine tradition.

Farmer: Multiple
Origin: Brazil, Sumatra, Guatemala, Ethiopian Natural, El Salvador
Region: Multiple
Farm: Multiple
Elevation: Multiple
Varieties: Multiple
Process: Multiple
Cup: Dark chocolate, caramel, citrus notes
Roast: Light
Body: Syrupy with a rich crema
Acidity: Balanced

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