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Coffees do not win awards easily. The judges are demanding and show no mercy. These awards mean something and this one went to yet another fine female-managed farm, the Maria Pacas Family. They have walked the hard and high road to the summit of specialty coffee, step by uncompromising step for five generations. This just shows that not even prejudice can hold back excellence. Women are entering their own in the world of specialty coffee production!

It takes special care in each step of the process to produce award-winning coffees. The harvest season lasts from October through March. It may take as many as four passes of careful examination and selection of only the ripest red cherries. The cherries are pulped, left to ferment for twelve hours, rinsed, and put out to sun dry on brick patios. These beans are naked at this point, leaving only the mucilage (gelatinous layer covering the seed) from the pulp. The drying beans are tested periodically and when they reach 12% humidity content, they are stored for thirty days in the warehouse for what is called “reposo” or rest. It is only after all this that the beans are ready for final milling and export.  In the right hands, this produces an outstanding single-origin coffee, but with improper handling, it can end in disaster.  

Even the off-season is not a time of rest. The trees are carefully and deliberately pruned. One vertical main stem may be chosen for having its top bent to the ground and tied to a stake.  This is called the “agobio” method. It produces more productive branches on the bent limb, it extends the life of the tree up to 90 years and it increases its yield. 

This is art, tradition, science, and woman power!

Farmer: Maria Pacas Family
Origin: El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana
Farm: San Joaquin
Elevation: 1200 M
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Honey process, sun-dried
Cup: Peach, Caramel, Nectarine
Roast: Light
Body: Creamy
Acidity: Juicy

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