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Girl Crush, the Coffee Behind the Story

Welcome to American Woman Coffee!

We just met, and you are about to get your first peek behind the curtain.  Everything has a back-story. Most everything has an origin story. Girl Crush is no different, but this one is special.  It is the American Woman Coffee identity origin story. Hang on. Here we go!


What is identity? Have you stopped to think about it? We live in a time when there are calls to discover identity, honor identity, respect diversity in identity. We live in an age of identity. Amen. Let’s do this.


I am a woman. This is my company built on my identity. 
American Woman Coffee: Premium Coffee Made by Strong Women

American Woman Coffee is first and foremost about delivering the best coffee, the best coffee products, the best coffee experience. We think the coffee industry has done a superb job of delivering many excellent coffees to many coffee shops and homes around the world. It is an amazing achievement, and it is where I cut my teeth as I learned every aspect of all things coffee. Yet as I had my first urges to set off on my own, I felt something was missing at the coffee product level, and that is the connection with food.


We at American Woman Coffee are blind to that dividing line. Here, coffee is integral to the culinary world. Until now, coffee has long been an afterthought, even at high-end restaurants. It is still possible to have an extraordinary meal spoiled by ordinary (or worse!) coffee.


We want to change that. Now.


 Think about how coffee appears on the menu: coffee. Take it or leave it.  


Think about how wine appears on the menu: vintner, label, year, varietal, tasting notes, pairing notes… and if that isn’t enough, a sommelier will be at your table to assist you.


Coffee is every bit as complex as wine. A fine coffee is every bit as precious as a fine wine, and no amount of marketing, inflated pricing, or packaging can fool a refined palette. The truth is in the cup. A fine coffee is just as rare and challenging to produce as a fine wine. Coffee berries are just as sensitive to terroir and weather during the growing season as wine grapes. There are coffee farms on seemingly magical mountainsides just as there are vineyards on seemingly magical hillsides. But, once the wine is in the bottle and properly stored, it is safe, so to speak. Coffee faces two more hurdles before landing in your cup in its best form. Those final steps are the last chances to ruin a coffee, and it happens far too often. The grind and the brew of your fine beans must be done correctly and with care.


We’ve got decades of experience. We’ve got this, and we will be more than just your source for coffee. We will be your partners in your coffee experience, a fully immersive culinary world where coffee gets a “character reference” that describes its properties and its flavor to help you pair your coffee with your food. Each coffee even gets its own food pairing guide to inspire you to find your own matches… and when you do, please tell us your pairing adventure story!

The Story

So now you know we are serious about this coffee thing. Let’s talk about the Woman thing. Making it as a woman in any business still means breaking the glass ceiling. It just does. A woman needs extraordinary strength and intelligence to steel herself against the waves of opposition that will try to keep her “in her place.” When you see break-out success led by a woman, you know she is exceptional, and she worked extremely hard.

Michelle Obama was an inspiration to us all when she said, “...when they go low, we go high.”

So, rather than focus on the negative, we want to tell the positive story behind hugely successful women. Come back to our blog to see feature articles like this that focus on a particular woman success story.

As I said, this one is special. It is an origin story. Today we are featuring Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd. I have been inspired by Whitney as I watched her roll with challenges and rose above them throughout her career. She prevailed not by being submissive or compliant, but neither has she resorted to underhanded tactics prevalent in business and politics today. She has risen by her intellect and good judgment, every step of the way being better than her competition and getting the jump on her markets by having that rare vision and insight on a future that does not yet exist. An exemplary mix of emotional intelligence and intelligence, the secret sauce that makes a true leader. 

The process of creation is underappreciated. People often look back on something new, something that never existed before creative forces were brought to bear on that new thing, and they say, “I could have done that.” But they didn’t and neither did billions of other people. It took that special spark in one person to bring that new something to life.

Whitney Wolfe Herd
Whitney did that not once but several times, Serial Entrepreneur, is the label often awarded to these rare individuals. Bucking traditions, she got her experience at Hatch Labs software that she carried to Tinder, where she fully developed her talents. She took that flame, sued Tinder, and founded Bumble, where she navigated complex business deals that involved the purchase of the parent company, MagicLab, by private equity firm, Blackstone Group. Now, MagicLab also owned Badoo at that time. What followed was Whitney’s rise to the leadership of MagicLab. Then, a consolidation and brand shuffle that eliminated the parent company and left Bumble the parent company with Badoo owned by Bumble and Whitney, age 30, and CEO of a 3 billion dating empire including three sister apps: Badoo, Chappy, and Lumen. Whew. Did you follow all that!?! Well, imagine managing it all?! Badoo is an especially difficult challenge. It operates in India, where sexual violence rates are among the highest in the world. Badoo empowers women with a choice. It is a daring move, but one that ultimately advances women's social status. High risk. Great reward. The way she has managed Badoo, in particular, earns my admiration!


The Company and The Coffee 

So, how is this an origin story? In a word, I’ve got a girl-crush on this woman! Her example has given me the confidence to make a big move myself and found American Woman Coffee. My Girl Crush coffee pays homage to Whitney Wolfe Herd, the inspiration behind my company, American Woman Coffee and the coffee named with her in mind, Girl Crush!  

Now everyone knows. 

Girl Crush Blend : American Woman Coffee



Where to start!?  So much has happened since this original post!  Even though the original post wasn’t that long ago, the pandemic seems much more with us now.  We had no idea how it would affect life, politics and businesses, yet Bumble charged forward, announcing an IPO! The app has proven its worth as a way to connect people in a time when sales of “Love in the Time of Cholera” are surging. Vision, a clear purpose, corporate values, and frankly, her love for her work have contributed to even greater success for Whitney.  She was even featured on the show, How I Built This!  The subject is resilience. It turns out that integrity and a commitment to doing the right thing contribute to building a strong resilient business.

Who knew?  Have a listen to that podcast:

On the Home Front

Empowerment Blends coffee

We’ve made a few changes since the original post as well!  Have a look at our new Women Producers page. It pays tribute to the exceptional women coffee producers that we work with.  We’ve also updated our Empowerment Blend offerings! Girl Crush is just one of those Empowerment Blends.  Check them all out!

Thanks for reading and remember, coffee makes you happy!